Services for Men

Hello, Handsome.

Paying more attention to your looks? Guilty of using your girlfriend’s skin care products? We can help. Rejuvenate understands that men, like women, want to maintain their youthful appearance. Our noninvasive cosmetic procedures cater to men’s aesthetic needs helping them look and feel more confident about their appearance while keeping a natural “man’s look.” Our treatments are well suited for a busy man’s schedule and can be performed during a lunch hour with little to no down time.

*All of our treatments are considered unisex and as medical professionals we understand the need and desire for men to look and feel their best. Our expert aestheticians are able to customize any treatment to your individual needs.*


Tired of manscaping? Laser hair removal treatments will add defintion to your jaw line, reduce irrtating razor bumps and get rid of your unwanted body hair. Popular areas include the back, chest, and neck.

Women aren’t the only ones with discoloration, wrinkles and acne. All of our skin rejuvenation treatments are ideal treatment for both men and women. A series of treatments can help even out skin texture, tone pores, and undo years of sun damage.



Diet and exercise will not always eliminate unwanted loose skin or fat deposits. Our hCG Weight Loss Program and non-invasive Body Contouring will give men a more natural, toned look.

Achieve a more youthful look and refill your folds! These treatments restore and refine your facial fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a more distinguished look.